Russology, derived from Russia, Russian, and –ology, science or body of knowledge, thus “The Science of All Things Russian.”

It is not the “art of being Russian.” Being Russian is a state, not an art. You are, or you are not.

It is not the “study of Russian” or the “study of things Russian.” There are academic fields and programs for this. “Russian Studies” is an established concept. “Russian language study” is also an established concept, with its attendant expectations and curricula.

Russology is about curiosity, fascination, even obsession about things Russian. It’s about high and low culture — about classical writers and collecting matrioshki, about Rakhmaninov’s symphonies and Tchaikovsky’s ballets, as well as village singers and pop music. It’s about Novgorod of the 12th century and Moscow today.

It’s about finding a place to ask questions and share discoveries.

This is where members of the School of Russology and fans of all things Russian can become Russologists at their leisure.

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