A snail’s pace slow start to this year….

My year started late. I guess I need to get over the calendar and just go with what really makes the new year a different year.

This time, it’s LifeBook2018 with Tamara Laporte¬†and I’m having a BLAST with all the different art lessons with different media and underlying themes, and let’s not forget Tam’s Quirky personality. I look forward to each Monday’s new lesson post.

Let me qualify the BLAST part. Tam gets you to break your self-imposed barriers, and it doesn’t hurt. She has a year-full of classes that bring out the child in you, the joy of colors and doodling and crayons and paints. But if you mean to work on your ART, her lessons give you opportunities to push yourself, and the more you do, the more satisfaction you derive from it.

It all started with a birthday gift from my daughter. And a lot of exploration in Russian folk art. Not the scholarly kind, but the “how do you do it” kind. From an introduction to the concept of Art Quilts, to Mixed Media, my entire concept of how to create imagery has shifted.

Not that it was very stable to begin with, but it was validated. Other people were as crazy as I was, and other people yet didn’t think it was insane.

Yay! I get to play!

But first, I get to work on my technique(s) and learn about ways of making pictures I’d never heard of before.

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