Late night in early summer

Posted May 17, 2016 By mashaholl

It’s too late to start something.sunset storm

And it’s too early to call it a day.

It’s quiet here, my timetable is transitioning from obligatory hours to natural cycle.

Of course, that remind me that I hate transitions.

I hate transitions in storytelling because you have to build a bridge from here to there instead of taking the road/path/trail that you see opening in front of you.

I hate transitions in life because you have to wrestle with adjustements that may or may not sit well with others in your life. Or life itself. Or even sunrise, sunset, and the amount of light you get in your workspace.

PapersBut way back when I realized that transitions in writing were major stumbling blocks for me, whether I was writing fiction, or research, or even a simple letter, I also realized they weren’t just walls in my way — they were obstacles to overcome.

And every time I overcame one, every time I figured out how to transition from one scene to another, from one paragraph to another, from one lesson section to another, or from one life chapter to another, I also realized that I learned more than just how to link the two parts.

Most of the time, whatever you do, you walk on even ground, then it rises or it dips, and you encounter a few steps you have to go up, and sometimes the path becomes steep and even slippery. You may loose your footing, once, twice, again, but mostly, you move forward. But then you encounter some steps that are out of proportion with what you think you’re build to surmount.

But then you manage to climb them.

It takes you, like they say in folk tales, a short time or a long, but you get there. Because it doesn’t matter whether it’s a short time or a long. It’s your time, your story, and not a competition. All that matters is that you get there.Book

And the second set is easier. And the third set, with its different challenges, is not as frightening.

It’s true. That set, and all similar sets, aren’t scary anymore.

But then you’re faced with a whole new transition into a whole new state.

And it starts over.

Remember, you did it all once. You can do it again.