Required Books




The specific publications and translations referenced above have been selected because of the quality and nature of the translations, i.e. the translator’s choice of words, phrasing, etc. In addition, whenever we refer to pages, it will be to the pagination in these editions.

IN RESPECT TO ELECTRONIC EDITIONS: Some of these books are available in e-format. HOWEVER, the pagination of e-books is not consistent either with the paper edition or between devices. I have no objection to the students’ use of e-books or older editions, BUT it is up to the students to check for corresponding pages where relevant.

While I tend to refer to chapters and sections, I may refer to specific pages of a text.

Be forewarned.

  • Ware, Timothy: The Orthodox Church. New Edition. Penguin Books, 1997. ISBN: 9780140146561
    • pp. 298-327
  • Nabokov, Vladimir, trans. The Song of Igor’s Campaign. Norton. ISBN: 9780875010618
  • Pushkin, Alexander: The Captain’s Daughter and Other Stories. Knopf. ISBN 13: 9780394707143
    • The Captain’s Daughter
  • Afanas’ev, Aleksandr: Russian Fairy Tales. Penguin. ISBN: 9780394730905
    • The Castle of the Fly p. 25
    • The Frog Princess p. 119
    • Nikita the Tanner p. 311
    • Little Sister Fox and the Wolf p. 371
    • Go I Know Not Whither, Bring Back I Know Not What p. 504
    • Clever Answers p. 578
    • Prince Ivan, The Firebird, and the Grey Wolf p. 612