Oct 042017

How to write a paper for Culture of Russia

  • The papers in this class are intended to give you the opportunity to dig deeper into a specific area we may or may not have touched on in class.
  • It has to concern Russia up to 1917 only.
  • It can be about any area of Russian culture, history, literature, folklore, everyday life, science, as long as it’s about pre-Revolutionary Russia.
    • You will need to check your topic with me.
  • Paper length: 7 to 10 pages not including Bibliography.
  • While I do not require original research and discoveries, I do expect that you will do some research to find out more on the subject you choose.
    • This means: statements must be substantiated. Where did you get your facts? Wikipedia doesn’t count as a source (it’s OK as a starting point, but not as documentation)
    • Proper quotations and attributions are essential. It’s fine to quote an author you agree or disagree with, but document your quote (with a reference to the author, specific work, and page as necessary).
    • Don’t use generic “Russian culture” sites. Make sure these sites provide citations as well, and not just unsubstantiated statements.
  • “Everybody” doesn’t know anything: unless you plan on refuting what “everybody” thinks they know, don’t assume anything is correct without at least checking one reliable source. Again, Wikipedia needs to be double-checked. It’s not reliable in and of itself.

This is not an exhaustive list of guidelines.
Anything is subject to editing. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome.

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