Aug 292017
  • One page
  • Double-spaced
  • Email to my Trinity address
  • Due by midnight the day it is assigned on the syllabus
  • What:
    • Your response to the reading. There is no right or wrong content.
    • Provide a thoughtful response. You are entitled to a “like” or “dislike,” but I’m really interested in an analysis of why you responded this way specifically to the reading.
    • Some or our readings have artistic value, others do not (they are informational). Keep that in mind.
    • Did you learn something? Were you surprised by something? Was something unexpected, or on the contrary, was something you thought you knew validated?
    • Were you compelled to compare the reading to something else?
    • Etc, etc, etc
  • Include questions if any — did you find something confusing, something that needed clarification, or something that you’d like to discuss in class? Please bring these questions up on discussion day.
  • This doesn’t have to be a formal paper. You can think of it as a blog post or a note, however I still expect your best English and spelling. While I won’t take points off for it, I will comment on it.
  • Check your facts.

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