Dec 042018

Here is the study guide for the Culture of Russia final. The final itself will be based on these questions, but not all questions will be on the final. It will be the same as the Mid-Term: short-answers and possibly bonus questions.


  1. Peter The Great: life and personality
  2. St Petersburg
  3. Catherine the Great: life
  4. Catherine the Great and the arts
  5. Catherine the Great and education
  6. Catherine the Great and reforms
  7. Lomonosov: life
  8. Lomonosov: scientific and literary legacy
  9. What is specific to a male hero in a Magic Tale?
    As you read the folk tales, you will realize that a male hero always must be told what to do to resolve a situation, and that he always gets into dangerous situations because he doesn’t listen to advice or disobeys the orders of his helpers. Their helpers come to them.
  10. What is specific to a female hero in a Magic Tale?
    As the folk tales show, female heroes are put into difficult situations by outside forces (usually a stepmother) and must find helpers who will aid them. They are active in their own rescues.
  11. What are the skills a female hero needs to display?
    A female hero displays skills a grown woman needs to acquire in order to manage a household successfully.
  12. What is the end-goal of the hero in both kinds of magic tales?
  13. Who is (and is not) Baba Yaga?
  14. What is her house like?
  15. What are the various animal characters like?
  16. Why are the animal characters the way they are?
  17. Is the wolf in magic tales the same as the wolf in animal tales?
  18. What kind of foodstuffs were (and still are) used in Russian cooking?
  19. Examples of seasonal (holiday) dishes.
  20. What is borshch?
  21. When was vodka introduced and what did people drink before then?
  22. What is a samovar?
  23. How is the devil usually referred to?
  24. What are the forms he prefers to appear as?
  25. What are the forms he avoids?
  26. What are strong means of warding against evil?
  27. What is the Domovoi?
  28. What is a Rusalka?
  29. What is the difference between the northern and the southern Rusalka?
  30. What is a balalaika? How is it shaped? How many strings does it have?
  31. What is the novel The Captain’s Daughter about?
  32. Who was Pugachev?
  33. In what time period (or during whose reign) did the action of the novel take place?
  34. Did Pushkin make up the historical background of the novel?
  35. How did he know the details?
  36. Who was Pushkin’s famous great-grandfather?
  37. How did Pushkin die?
  38. Who were the Itinerant Painters? Name 3.

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