Apr 272012

Magic Tales

7 Basic Elements of Plot

(according to Vladimir Propp)

  1. Initial situation: the hero; prosperous family; happy kingdom.

  2. Harm: disruption of the initial situation.

  3. Meeting of the donor: a helper character gives the hero a magical object or knowledge (sometimes a test is required – the hero must act properly towards the donor).

  4. The object of the search.

  5. Struggle with the antagonist.

  6. Return. Pursuit or struggle with the antagonist (not both).

    • Entrance of false heroes; obstacles not created by the antagonist.

  1. Marriage.

Difficult tasks can be inserted at any stage.

7 Basic Functions of Characters

(according to Vladimir Propp)

  1. Antagonist

  2. Dispatcher: the one who sends the hero on his quest.

  3. Donor.

  4. Magical Helper (often an animal).

  5. Princess sought after. She always has a father.

  6. Hero

  7. False hero

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