Oct 032017

The first exam will cover the materials presented so  far. For background historical information, please read the history lectures by Dr Bruce Holl linked in the sidebar.

Here are some study questions. These are not the questions that will be on the exam, use these only as a guide/reminder of what we have studied.

The exam itself will be in short-anwser format, with a choice of questions to answer.

  • What is “Rus”?
  • Who was there before there was Russia?
  • What do we know about early Russian religion?
  • What is Kievan Russia and why was it called that?
  • What are the Chronicles?
  • What kind of political/social/administrative system was there in Kievan Russia?
  • What is the “Route from the Varangians to the Greeks”?
  • Where did it reach and what was traded?
  • What is the Eastern Orthodox Church?
  • Who introduced Christianity to Russia?
  • When was Christianity introduced to Russia?
  • From what Christian center was Christianity introduced into Russia?
  • What language(s) was/were used to spread Christianity to the Slavs?
  • Who was Olga and what was her impact on Russian culture and law?
  • The legend of Olga’s revenge.
  • What were the main differences between Kiev and Novgorod?
  • What was the significance of Vladimir I (historically)?
  • The significance of Vladimir’s choice of religion.
  • Where did Novgorod’s wealth come from?
  • What is the Song of Igor’s Campaign about?
  • What is the controversy surrounding the Song of Igor’s Campaign?
  • Who was Igor (historically)?
  • What impact did the Mongols have on Russia?
  • What and when is the Muscovite period?
  • What changes and innovations did the Muscovite era bring about?
  • What contemporary events (outside of Russia) had a significant impact on the formation of Muscovite Russia?
  • What is the Domostroi?
  • What kind of household was the ideal according to the Domostroi?
  • Who was the Domostroi aimed at (what segment of the population)?
  • Who were the Cossacks?
  • In what areas were the main Cossack groups located?
  • What was significant about the overall location of the Cossack groups?
  • When were the earliest Cossack groups established? The latest?
  • How would you define the myth of the Cossack in Russian culture?

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