About My Other Sites

Over time, I have accumulated notes and quick exercises related to my hobbies or my teaching. None of it is as rigorous as a publishable scholarly article, but it is as accurate as I know how to make it.

Life in the Russian Middle Ages is a compendium of short articles written for the Bear Necessities, the newsletter of Bjornsborg, the San Antonio, TX chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Although Life Happened and I am not an active member, I haven’t lost my fascination for all things medieval.



Russian Folk Tales is a tiny collection of my own translations of — you guessed it — Russian folk tales, with notes an commentaries. I always mean to add to it, but…




Russian Costume of the Middle Ages is again a translation of several sections of an old Russian stage costume book. They are simple to implement (especially the method for adjusting sizes) for a somewhat experienced sewist.




The Favorite Sites and Student Resources sidebars link to sites and documents we make available to students of Russian culture, history, and language. Student Resources in particular link to materials I prepare for my courses at Trinity University and may change without warning.