Tottering along…

Percy Dog Enjoying the Sunshine

March is over, yet it seems the year just started last week. At the same time, the weather has been fluctuating up and down and sideways, with a couple of good freezes, and the snowfall last December everybody is still talking about.

Oh sure, other places get a lot more snow, and I’ve been in deeper drifts and heavier snowfalls, but we just don’t get them here in South Texas.

And then a few days later it’s warm enough for tee-shirts and picnics. No wonder everybody, students and faculty alike, have been felled by this or that flu or flu-like ickiness. And it seems we’re on round 2.  All that messes with your sense of time and timing.

Vintage Seed Packet

Meanwhile, the backyard turned into a wild forest twice and had to be waded into, but little sprouts of green are pushing out in the pots where I’ve thrown some seeds. We’ll see if my (very) casual gardening brings me some edibles this year, or at least some color.

Let’s not forget working on Ugly Plants’ new downloadable pattern at Ugly Homegrown. To be honest, I just edited, and then I tried it out. someone has to test it, right? I made a few mistakes, but then I was working from a draft. It’s up in the shop now, all nice and cleaned up.  And if you don’t want to actually make it? Check out the ready-made cuties at Ugly Plants the main shop!




Helping Work Out the Kinks for an Ugly Plants Pattern